Privacy Policy

Last modified: March 22, 2021

Important Information

Our brand under defaro located in Tallin, Estonia with any alternative labels and names (collectively, “defaro” / “platform”/ “we” / “our” / “us” ) are strongly committed to respecting and keeping your privacy. You can download this as file here.

Purpose of Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is provided below. Hence you can go through to see the all details of this policy and its applications. Privacy Policy comes into action as “Agreement” with our customer, intermediary of user and entities that we call it “client”.

defaro explains here how to collect and use your personal and company data according to Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect and process your personal data as Customer or User of platform or who submitted the data on our platform.

Our responsibility over personal data

References in this Privacy refers to the “entity” who has entered into the Accordance and Agreement as employer or client with us. You will typically be an employer, employee, officer, university or government affiliation, contractor or consultant, temporary customer of any time of customer relationship with defaro OÜ.

Our data protection responsibility

The employer (The company whom you work for) is the main data controller and user for the purposes of personal data processed under this Privacy Policy. The defaro OÜ will process your personal data or processor on behalf of your employer and according to lawful and GDPR (KKVK) instructions. The information you provide to us and/or upload to the website or platform (whether or not it constitutes personal data) will be valid or governed by the Agreement.


We in defaro as a data processor and collector, We will collect and process the following personal data about you:

The information we receive directly from you as user. Alternatively YOU GIVE THE IFORMATION.

using or consenting the Platform sections and functions, completing forms, completing your personal and working data, skills, job titles, positions, resume or any related data you need to complete for using our Platform. You employer can set the information or giving us directly as data of your skills, your activity, personnel. This information may include your name and surname, personal photo, your age, business email, department, your team, job or position title, level of seniority, department, skills as soft or hard, role skills, tools you use in company, your work interest, your learning data, your location, comments, feedback or learning activity, meetings, calendar, your project information and data, information regarding your employer performance review, skill gap, or completing any survey, demo form or service form to use and purchase the Platform;